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Every detail of the meeting is coming together just fine and then you hit the tough spot . . . planning a menu to accommodate all the food allergies in your group. Not only do you have to work with gluten and dairy allergies, but someone has included corn on the list! “What in the world is this coming to” you think to yourself, and “why so many food constraints?”

Adding food allergies into the fold can prove to be a stressful situation. It’s time to break down the barriers that food allergies present, understand why it’s so important to honor the needs of your attendees, and work with the executive chef to create ease in the menu planning process. It is possible, and Angela will show you the way.

In this session we will:

-Uncover the truth about food allergies

-Engage in exercises to support you in the menu planning process

-Discover ways to serve your conference attendees in an all-inclusive way

When: Wednesday, June 20th / 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Where: Al Menah Shrine Temple / 1354 Brick Church Drive / Nashville, TN 37207

Price: Member - $50.00 - Registered after June 14th / Non-Member - $65.00 - Registered after June 14th

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